6 Months Apprenticeship Program

This is a 6-month IT Apprenticeship program termed theITern, where we train novices to become IT professionals in 6 months. The courses covered in these 6 months include:

  • Windows Server Administration – to make you a Windows Server Administrator
  • Linux Systems Administration – to make you a Linux Systems Administrator
  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architecting – to make you a Cloud Solution Architect
  • DevOps Engineering – to make you a DevOps Engineer

Training is practical and you will have access to Class video recordings as part of your study materials.

We are now outfacing this 6-month program and adopting more effective approaches to deliver same quality training in just 4-5 months. If you are already on this program, you may click the button below to renew you monthly subscription; otherwise please contact the IT Coach for counseling on the most appropriate alternative to attaining your IT goal in the most effective way at the shortest possible time.

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