My name is Akin Aregbesola.  I am a Cloud Solutions Architect, Automation Engineer, and founder of theITern LLC, an IT Apprenticeship company in the USA where I train novices to become IT experts in 3-7 months.

Via my team of Nigeria-based trainers and network of IT professionals across the world, I am bringing this Cloud Administration training to elevate you to the status of Cloud SysOps, and to position you for IT job opportunities, globally.  At only N30,000 per month over a period of 4 months, you will be learning the following courses: – see AWS Solution Architecting & DevOps Engineering – theITern. In the 4 months of this Apprenticeship program, we shall be covering the following modules:

Corporate Network Administration with Windows Server

This is the first course you must take and understand on your route to becoming an IT professional in the technical area such as Network Engineering – irrespective of whether this network is Enterprise, Virtual or Cloud-based.  Aside from giving you an overview of how things work and equipping you to become a Corporate Network Administrator, it also prepares you for:

  • Install Type2 Hypervisor on your laptop to create Virtual Environment for Virtual Machines
  • Install and Prepare Oracle VM Virtual Box for Networking of VMs
  • Gain basic understanding of LANs, IP Addressing, Network Infrastructure, etc.
  • Install and configure Windows Server 2016
  • Configure Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers
  • Configure Windows Server 2016 as a DHCP server
  • Configure Windows Server 2016 as a DNS server
  • Replicate Domain Controller, DNS and DHCP Servers for Redundancy
  • Add Windows 10 Clients to your Server 2016 Domain
  • Build NETWORK TROUBLESHOOTING skill around your understanding of Networking concepts
  • Create Group Policy Objects (GPOs) using Group Policy Management
  • Create and manage users, groups and OUs using Active Directory Users & Computers
  • Install and manage IIS Web Management Services
  • Install and manage File Distribution System Server

With the above, you come to the height where you are now able to:

  • Setup Servers, Domains and Services
  • Configure Active Directory, DNS, DHCP
  • Setup Replica Domain Controllers
  • Manager User Accounts on Corporate Networks
  • Share Network Resources Securely

Enterprise Networks Administration with Linux OS

Linux is the crux if IT Engineering, the Operating System on which almost everything IT depend.  In addition to gaining access to the private YouTube videos, you will also get the Lecture Note in PDF. I recommend that you complete this training and complete all practical and projects presented in the materials, within 4 weeks.

  • Creating and navigating directories: mkdir, cd.., cd/, cd~, ls, pwd, clear
  • Creating and editing files using file editors, touch, cat, echo, nano,
  • Remove, copy and move files: cp, mv, rm, rmdir Linux System Administration
  • Detailed creation and Management of Users and Services Networking and Updating Linux Servers
  • IP Addressing, Service Migration, etc
  • Network files and commands (ping, ifconfig, netstat, tcpdump, networking config files)
  • Downloading Files or Apps
  • curl and ping Commands
  • File Transfer Commands Installing and Configuring Services on Linux Servers
  • System updates and repositories (rpm and yum)
  • SSH, SCP, FTP, Apache, NTP, etc Disk (storage) Management
  • Logical Volume Management (LVM)
  • LVM Configuration during Installation
  • Add Disk and Create Standard Partition
  • Add Disk and Create LVM Partition
  • File System & Disk Mapping

Cloud Computing

  • Understand how Cloud Computing differs from traditional self-hosted IT deployment models
  • Compare Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Detailed introduction to the three big cloud providers: Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Brief history and global infrastructure of each cloud provider
  • Step-by-step instruction lab to create account on each cloud provider
  • Overview of services and deep dive on core services of each cloud provider
  • Designing and understanding sample architecture to solve 3 real world use cases
  • Understanding how to use and optimize free tier offered by each cloud provider
  • Interfaces (API, CLI, SDK) for interacting with cloud provider
  • Official certifications and certification path offered by cloud providers
  • Comparing AWS, Azure and GCP and usage recommendation for a particular scenario

AWS: Cloud Practitioner

  • Learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud
  • Dive deeper into AWS Cloud fundamentals, including AWS pricing and support, and core AWS services
  • Get experience with self-paced labs
  • Get certified: Prepare for and take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam

Training is practical and you will have access to Class video recordings (please note that videos will NOT be downloadable) as part of your study materials.

Now you can take your first step to become Cloud Administrator at this 4-month training session for only N30,000 per month payable to Akin Aregbesola, Stanbic IBTC Bank Account: 9201087008.

WhatsApp “LINK” to +1.214.438.9105 to get more information.