IT Support & Enterprise Networking

FOUNDATION LEVEL (for Technicians only)
 4 weeks training leading to IT TECHNICIAN role in the USA.
Job type/Salary Expectation: INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR at up to $30 per hour
Pre-requisite Training: None.  
This training builds you from nothing. 
Mode of Delivery: physical, in-person at our Frisco Texas USA Training Lab
Training Duration and Fee: 4 weeks @ $1,000
Subjects covered: Networking & Client Server Installations
Title: Help Desk/Desktop Support for Enterprise Environment 


  • Computer Hardware Fundamentals
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Networking and Security Fundamentals
  • Discuss Transmission Media and Cable Types
  • Network Topologies and Architectures
  • Wire and Establish Connections with Jacks / Ports
  • Test and Diagnose New / Existing Connections
  • Describe Network Fundamentals and Build Simple LANs
  • Explain the place of Hubs, Switches and Routers in Enterprise Networks
  • Explain How IP Addresses Are Generated and Allocated Using DHCP
  • Explain Name Resolution Using DNS End of Course Project:
  • Setup a fully functional LAN from scratch.
  • Manage the connection, Installation, and Configuration of Thin Clients on LAN-based Application Server (Project will fetch you $30 every time you complete it for a customer onsite)