Building A Successful Career in (IT) Information Technology


IT Information Technology has been an intrinsic part of the change that we see in the world today. IT has made the world a smaller place hence businesses, and clients are now interconnected and ever closer than before. It has brought a new reality to communities and organizations. Building a successful career in (IT) doesn’t happen overnight irrespective of your qualification or degree. Transforming into a new career path or building an ongoing career path takes hard work, continual skill acquisition, and practices.

Steps to Building a Successful Career in (IT) Information Technology

Self-Evaluation & Discovery

Before deciding to have a career change to a related or non-related field, it is important to do a self-search, you need to answer questions like: why am I switching to a new career? What are my weakness and strength?  What changes can I make to my professional skills to boost my desirability in my new intended field? What fields do I have related strengths or skills? Am I ready to sacrifice time and resources? What are the possibilities of getting a job in that field and so on?

You need to carry out some self-evaluation and discovery on the area that best suits you or what field you believe you will perform better because your perception of yourself is more important than other’s perception of you.  Is your strength strategic thinking? Competitive spirit? Empathy? Ability to bring people together? These deep-rooted flairs will travel with you everywhere and will enhance your work relationship, adding value to your organization. It is also important to bear in mind that with time, some skills will become outdated or obsolete but these qualities are substantially transferable and constant.

If you are coming from a non-IT background, you can still fit into IT as not all fields require knowledge of Coding as a lot of people fear or worry about it. Visit to see some relevant IT courses.

Engage in Professional Networking

LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking platforms to search for people in your area of specialization or intended specialization when trying to build a successful IT career. It will be more beneficial to put your pride aside and connect with them as many will give an advice or two to guide you on your path. Build a good profile for yourself, engage in group discussions, share your professional knowledge and experiences when the opportunity arise.

Create a Plan and Take Action

The most important part of setting up your goal is clarity. Be clear about what you want, the more specific you are, the better. What do your plan on doing within the next 3 to 7 years? It is very important to be very realistic with your goal and be committed to it. To build a good career, you must believe in your goal and share it with a mentor if possible.

Get Relevant Technical (IT) Skills

To build a successful IT career, it is not enough to earn a university degree, It is important that you go further to learning and building yourself by adding to your qualification. You must have the technical skills to solve technical problems quickly and permanently.

These skills must be deep enough to enable you to anticipate and prevent future problems. You gain such a deep level of skill from reading, experimenting, practicing, attending seminars, workshops, and conferences, taking courses in related fields, and get some professional certifications such as those offered through Amazon, Microsoft, CompTIA, Google, Oracle, Sisco, etc. Setup test labs using virtualization tools such as VMware, Hyper-V, or VirtualBox.

Do your research on industry-required skills and qualifications and get the relevant certifications. Truth is, the economy sucks, and people are afraid of losing their jobs because they worry that they won’t be able to find new ones; Your degree doesn’t guarantee a successful IT career, rather your skills do. Although your degree may open the doors of opportunities, and your skills will give you the job however, only your competence and knowledge will make you Indispensable and keep you on the job.

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Give Yourself Time to Accomplish Set (IT) Goal

After you have created the right conditions on the step to building your career, you must give yourself a realistic timeframe to grow. Life is a journey so give yourself time to grow, be happy with how far you have come, and make sure you stay healthy. Do not expect to get it right after your first or even third attempt and do not be scared to make mistakes or to fail. These are the elements that make you stronger and push further.

Celebrate Small Successes

Build a successful career in any profession takes commitment, hard work, patience, and persistence. Remember to celebrate your small successes each time you accomplish something. Celebrating the small things can be motivation to continue advancing your career. Whether you are switching to a new career or you are continuing in your current one, success starts by pursuing something you enjoy.

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