IT Training

Cloud Automation Apprenticeship

Life Coaching

IT Training & Mentorship

5 months IT Training, built on:

  • 30 years of Learning and Teaching IT in Nigeria, the UK and the USA
  • 20 years of pioneering course development for telecom, corporate and enterprise networks
  • 3 years of delivering cloud-based technologies at theITern, USA
  • 2 years of supporting and mentoring my trainees in America for 6-figure IT jobs

Available IT Courses

  • Entry Level Azure DevOps module – 2 months
  • Intermediate Level DevOps Engineering module – 2 months
  • Advance Level Continuous Deployment with Kubernetes module – 1 month

Cloud Automation Workshops

Become a Cloud Architect in 20 days

2 hours of daily Workshops in Cloud

10am – 12pm CST; Mondays to Fridays

Each workshop comes with class recordings and Step by Step Practice Manual

Life Coaching Workshops

… the fallen can rise again; the depressed can be whole again.

6 weeks of life-changing workshops that puts you on the track to Self-Actualization

In 2014, after 10 consecutive years of apparent success in business and despite being very religious at that time, I experience a shift that manifested in the loss of properties and businesses, separation from family, and several years of midlife crisis that ultimately led to my awakening.
Having fully recovered and now building a 7-figure business that is already recognized as contributing to the national interest of the United States, I have learned, grown, and now ready to share the discoveries I made, knowing that this education will help others navigate obstacles in their respective life journeys.
I will be sharing tips, discoveries, and principles that helped me recover. You will learn to connect with your inner to first discover who you are, and then submit to the guidance of the “energy” within you.

Our Alumni Work at Top Companies

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We Are Proud of Our Latest 6-figure Earners

Akin Aregbesola

IT Trainer/Mentor, Life Coach & CEO

Akin Aregbesola has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from UNAD Nigeria; PGD in Oil and Gas (with focus on IT) from Robert Gordon University, Scotland; PDG in Telecom, from the United States Telecom Training Institute, Washington DC; Master of Business Administration, from the Birmingham City University, England; He is a Fellow of The Chattered Institute for IT, London and holds several industry certifications across telecom, networking, and cloud technologies.

  • 3 decades of delivering training in Telecom, Networking, Server Management in Corporate, Enterprise and Cloud environments
  • 2 decades of developing and delivering industry-specific IT courses under his own company label
  • 6 years of learning and delivering Cloud Solution Architecting and Automation in the USA market
  • 3 years of mentoring 100s of trainees in Cloud Automation Apprenticeship programs, with 10s of testimonials of realization of associated job-oriented goals
  • 1 year of self-actualization workshops and seminars resourcing for people seeking new directions in personal, career or business endeavors
  • Recent recognition of his works as relevant to national interest of the United States, leading to the award of permanent residence of the USA

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