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Built on:

  • 30 years of Learning and Teaching IT in Nigeria, the UK and the USA
  • 20 years of pioneering course development for telecom, corporate and enterprise networks
  • 3 years of delivering cloud-based technologies at theITern, USA
  • 2 years of supporting and mentoring my trainees in America for 6-figure IT jobs


  • That takes you by the hand and leads you through the entire IT journey
  • Gives you access to recorded classes, step-by-step manual, codes
  • Supports you to resolve issues you encounter during practice


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We Are Proud of Our Latest 6-figure Earners

Akin Aregbesola

Cloud DevOps Engineer, IT Trainer/Mentor

TheITern, USA

Akin Aregbesola has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from UNAD Nigeria; PGD in Oil and Gas (with focus on IT) from Robert Gordon University, Scotland; PDG in Telecom, from the United States Telecom Training Institute, Washington DC; Master of Business Administration, from the Birmingham City University, England; He is a Fellow of The Chattered Institute for IT, London and holds several industry certifications across telecom, networking, and cloud technologies.

  • 3 decades of delivering training in Telecom, Networking, Server Management in Corporate, Enterprise and Cloud environment
  • 2 decades of developing and delivering industry-specific IT courses under his own company labelt
  • 6 years of learning and delivering Cloud Solution Architecting and Automation in the USA market
  • 3 years of mentoring 100s of trainees in Cloud Automation Apprenticeship programs, with 100+ testimonials of realization of associated job-oriented goals
  • 1 year of self-actualization workshops and seminars resourcing for people seeking new directions in personal, career or business endeavors
  • Recent recognition of his works as relevant to national interest of the United States of America, leading to the award of permanent residence of the USA

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