Cloud Engineering Courses

Windows Server Administration

This is 11 Lectures of pre-recorded Windows Server Administration classes. Alternatively, you can choose to have the training in LIVE interactive session where you will build servers and services from scratch with Akin Aregbesola. There are no prerequisites for this course as training presumes a non-IT background. In addition to gaining access to the private YouTube videos, you will also...

Linux System Administration

You can either take this class LIVE or you purchase over 10 Lectures of Linux Systems Administration pre-recorded classes drawn from the RedHat Certified System Administrator official course curriculum. To take and understand this course, you must be first familiar with at least the Windows Server Operating System with emphasis on Network Administrator functions.

AWS Solution Architect Training

Over 10 Lectures of at least 2 hours each, covering the theory and practical of the official AWS Solution Architect Certification curriculum. It is highly recommended that you at least a basic understanding of Linux System Administration before coming into Cloud. Training will cover: Hands-on experience using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services Hands-on experience with AWS deployment and...

DevOps, CI/CD & System Automation

Now that you have BECOME Cloud Solution Architect/DevOps Engineer, it's time to unleash your potential of unlimited possibilities in IT technical roles by learning to install, configure, manage Cloud Infrastructure and Automate IT processes entirely from CLI, using IaC tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc.  However, this training will be teaching you to use Python as a coding language,...


My name is Akin Aregbesola. I am a Cloud Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, and founder of theITern LLC, an IT Apprenticeship company in the US where I train novices to become IT experts in 3-6 months. Via my team of Nigeria-based trainers and network of IT professionals across the world, I seek to elevate 200 Nigerian residents to the status...

The SITP, Coaching, Mentoring for AMERICA JOB Market

This is a 6-month IT Apprenticeship program termed theITern, where we train novices to become IT professionals in 6 months. The courses covered in these 6 months include: Windows Server Administration – to make you a Windows Server Administrator Linux Systems Administration – to make you a Linux Systems Administrator AWS Cloud Solutions Architecting – to make you a Cloud...

Be my IT Apprentice – join a class today

With over 27 years experience in IT training, recruiting, and outsourcing services, Mr. Aregbesola would be transferring skills and technologies culminating in Network Administration, Cloud Architecting and DevOps Engineering, via his IT Apprenticeship initiative tagged theITern.
"The training program is a masterpiece of apprenticeship. Coaching and mentoring on AWS has helped me learn both the theory and practical of several AWS services and concepts. I started out questioning if it was..."

Henry Ayoroh; Tech Product Support, Abuja Nigeria.

"This is my 5th month in the Apprenticeship program, and the journey has been amazing and worthwhile. Engr. Akin walks with you, mentors you and prepares you for IT roles in the industry. I started..."

Uyor Omani, Fashion Entrepreneur, Lagos Nigeria

"The Training has been awesome, the videos are self explanatory with 100% practical. This training has contributed greatly to me, I am so happyto be a participant as I can now successfully change my career..."

Godstime Aigiomawu, Bank Teller, Nigeria

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