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6 Months Training & Mentorship Program

As new tools and AI technologies increasingly influence traditional IT roles, it has become even more crucial to first possess a comprehensive understanding of various IT domains before limiting oneself to narrow specialties.


In this six-month comprehensive training program, you’ll first delve into a range of IT domains within the initial three months. You’ll become proficient in Windows Server Administration, Linux System Administration, AWS Cloud Solutions Architecture, and Cloud Infrastructure Engineering.


Following this foundation, the subsequent three months will allow you to specialize further. You’ll have the option to pursue either a path in DevOps Engineering (also covering AWS Cloud DevOps Administration and Azure DevOps Administration), or to take the cloud security option which covers Azure Security and Cloud Security.


With this diverse skill set, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the competitive job market and secure coveted IT roles.



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Experience the same top-notch training that has enabled hundreds of our African diaspora trainees to secure tech roles worldwide. Now available locally for the equivalent of just $100 per month, with schedules convenient for your time zone.


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