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Cloud Ops & Admin Training

3-month Cloud Administration Course

Windows Server Administration

Learn to setup Networks within virtual environments; install and configure Windows Server for Active Directory Services; create and manage User Accounts, Domain Security Policy, Event Logs, Monitoring, etc.

Linux System Administration

Learn up to intermediate level Linux commands, to create and manage servers in cloud; install packages, set file and folder permisions, use shell scripts to automate processes, create and manage users, etc.

AWS Cloud Solutions Architect

Learn to create comprehensive IT infrastructures including servers, networks, databases, and cloud services, components like storage systems, load balancers, security protocols, and monitoring solutions.

3-month Cloud Operations Course

As a cloud operations professional, your role will revolve around ensuring the smooth operation, optimization, and security of cloud-based infrastructures. Responsibilities include managing cloud resources such as virtual machines, storage, and networking components, monitoring system performance and availability, implementing automation for efficient resource provisioning and scaling, configuring and enforcing security measures to safeguard data and applications, conducting regular backups and disaster recovery planning, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot issues and implement improvements. Additionally, staying abreast of emerging technologies and best practices in cloud computing is essential for continually optimizing cloud operations and delivering reliable services to users.

Enterprise Network Administration with Windows Server: month-1

– Proficient Windows Server Administration skills acquisition

– Configuration of essential protocols: Active Directory Services (ADS), Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

– Advanced techniques for efficiency and security optimization

– Creation and management of Workgroups and Domains

– Seamless integration of computers into domains

– User account administration with precise security measures

– Active Directory Configuration expertise for efficient directory services

– Domain Policy Management for security fortification and performance optimization

– Hands-on experience and practical exercises for issue troubleshooting and configuration fine-tuning

– Implementation of best practices for seamless operation of Windows Server environments

Cloud Server Administration with Linux: month-2

– Delve into managing network resources within Linux Servers
– Mastery in creating and administering files and directories using various tools
– Advance to proficiently managing users, groups, permissions, and applications within Cloud Servers
– Intermediate and advanced-level commands for altering, deleting, or modifying resources
– Assign ownership and permissions at both file and folder levels
– Explore automation techniques using Cron and Shell Scripts
– Learn data migration methods including SSH, SCP, FTP, Apache HTTPD, NTP, and more
– Possess expertise to navigate and optimize Linux server environments confidently

AWS Cloud Solutions Architect: month-3

– Gain proficiency in designing and managing public and private cloud infrastructures on AWS
– Explore key AWS services such as VPC, EC2, S3, CloudFront, EFS, RDS, Direct Connect, Route 53, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and CloudFormation
– Utilize IAM console to create custom users and groups for secure access to AWS resources
– Set up lifecycle policies for automated creation and deletion of S3 snapshots using S3 CLI tools
– Back up data from S3 to Glacier and Deep Glacier for cost-effective long-term storage
– Configure security groups, Elastic IP addresses, and auto-scaling configurations for optimized resource allocation and system reliability
– Create and maintain ACLs, implement IGW and Route Tables for public-facing subnets, and set up NAT for private-facing subnets within AWS VPCs
– Configure and manage AWS services including EC2, RDS, VPC, S3, Glacier, CloudFront, and Route 53
– Add elasticity and scalability to meet diverse design requirements
– Architect and maintain robust, secure, and highly available cloud infrastructures on AWS

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Windows Server Admin

1 month training


No Pre-requisites. Course is
suitable for new entrants to Tech.


Linux System Admin

1 month training


No Pre-requisites. Course is
suitable for new entrants to Tech.


Cloud Solution Architect

1 month training


No Pre-requisites. Course is
suitable for new entrants to Tech.



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